metavallon | μεταβάλλον (Classical Greek, pres. part.)

transforming; bringing change

Growing Innovation Companies


We are a venture capital fund investing in early stage technology startups connected to Greece. We provide initial funding up to € 1.5m and hands-on support to our Seed and Seed+ stage investments.



Seed Investment

Already in the market with your product and looking for capital to grow faster? We lead or co-lead funding rounds of € 1-2m at Seed level so you can focus on expanding your business. We are adamant about supporting our portfolio companies in their growth and as they seek next stage financing.

Initial ticket: € 500K – € 1m

Seed+ Investment

Need more fuel to get to Series A? We back your company in Seed+ rounds of € 2-4m, so you can focus on expanding your business as your revenue numbers grow. We open our network of professionals, corporates, clients and investors and are there to assist you all the way.

Initial ticket: € 750K – € 1.5m

Our Seed Stage Support Stack

Next round Fundraising

we have co-invested with 38+ VCs globally and our network is open

Support Tools & Service Providers

we connect you to dev servicers, payments, non-dilutive financing and more

Business Development & B2B Sales

we provide access to top corporate clients for B2B sales and expansion

Pilot Alliances

we facilitate pilots and POCs in our target deep tech technologies and industries

Recruiting & Talent Management

we partner with local recruiters and share operational HR best practices

Path to Exit

we structure your exit plan to maximize value (= happiness)


We believe great founders and startups come from all walks of life. They just have three things in common: Tech, Talent, and Resolve.







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