Frequently Asked Questions

We like investing in technology companies with a strong innovation element. Ideally, we want to see intellectual property and projects with a defensible competitive advantage. Our targets need to be growth-oriented and globally minded from day one. Founders must have domain expertise coupled with passion and the ability to communicate their business ideas and their product to different stakeholders. We enter into long term partnerships with our portfolio companies, so we want commitment. Above all, we need a demonstrated ability to execute; without that even an excellent idea is void.
All our discussions are covered by confidentiality adhering to our internal professional code of ethics. In early screening stages (i.e interviews, bootcamp etc.) though due to the large volume of the companies we interact with, we do not provide NDAs. In the exciting event that we decide to invest in your company, offer you a term sheet that has been signed by all parties and are about to kick-off our technical due-diligence, we are happy to sign an NDA. 
We’ve got a strong network of collaborators, partners and supporters so we’d like to hear more from you! Drop us an email with some basic information, making sure to include:
  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. What do you have in mind and
  4. How we can help
and we'll put you through to the right person!
Working on more than one company or project? It sounds like you are creative and ambitious - strong ingredients of a business founder! Do keep in mind, though, that a prototype and some initial traction are prerequisites for evaluating a company submission; and that each submission may take quite a bit of your valuable time. Also, at Metavallon VC we have seen that the founders who succeed are the ones who focus on one company and give it their all. That said, if you select to invest your time and effort in building more than one businesses and the subsequent submission for investment, we assure you that we shall put the time and full attention to review how you have built prototypes and executed, even if this is on more than one fronts.
At Metavallon VC we invest in you, the founders, not just your business. In fact your business may change from day one, pivots happen all the time - it is the team that stays on and needs to adjust, deliver, succeed. For this, you need to be
  • Intelligent and a strong problem solver, since running a business means being in constant state of troubleshooting
  • Resourceful, creative,  and generally likely to think outside the box to find the new way to doing things
  • Receptive and flexible to adjust to feedback and exploit opportunities to your advantage as these arise
  • Capable to execute technically and with domain expertise in the area they are tackling
  • Passionate about what they are solving and what they wish to achieve
  • Resolute to find solutions, deliver results, and achieving your goals regardless of the never-ending obstacles
It is indications of the above that we are looking in every individual founder in your team. The most difficult question in this section of the Pre-Seed submission form is considered to be the one about hacking some (non-computer) system. Here, essentially, we are looking for a concrete example of how you have demonstrated the ability to be uncommonly resourceful when facing an obstacle and have overcome it by thinking and acting outside of the box. It does not or rather should not be related to digital systems; hacking is about finding a shortcut, developing a skill, repurposing a product, or creating a new method that increases productivity and efficiency at work or in life. So which hack are you most proud of?
The purpose of the video is to introduce yourselves, ALL members the founding team, and to give us some basic information about your product or service from your point of view. What to keep in mind:
  1. This video is about you, so no promos from your product or fancy video editing. Do not include anything else (such as screenshots or pictures) apart from yourselves talking.
  2. If you are not physically located in the same place, you can use Skype teleconference to record a video with all the members of your team.
  3. Explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. Any information that you would like to tell us about your project or yourselves is absolutely accepted.
  4. Keep it simple without music in the background- we are not looking for the best video production. Try to talk spontaneously and do not deliver a memorized speech as you will look fake! Just talk as you would talk to a friend.
  5. The video should be one minute long and then uploaded to YouTube. Do not make it private or protect it by password as we will not be able to see it. If you don't want other people to find it, mark it as unlisted.
  6. And yes, it should be in English.
Remember: Keep it as simple and natural as you can!

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      • Mars Center anytime and you’ll receive automatic Pre-Seed financing and unlimited office space while you’re there! Woop Woop..
We are a €32 million Venture Capital fund based in Athens investing in Early-Stage technology  startups with a strong innovation element. We provide pre-seed and seed capital, coupled with an acceleration process in the pre-seed stage. Above all we are investors, adding value with hands on approach at the early stage.

It means that we will provide you capital and support in exchange for a specific percentage of your company. We expect to make our return through the company’s increased value over time.

We are sector agnostic and welcome applications and technologies across industries. We are particularly keen about the sectors and technologies outlined in our landing page and more explicitly - in early-stage startups within high-growth future-setting industries, including Fintech, Energy, Manufacturing and Cybersecurity, and working on state-of-the-art exponential technologies, such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Microelectronics and Robotics. Even if your company is not on one of our prefered industries, please submit your company and we’ll be happy to read about your game-changing solution.
We do not fund non-profit organizations, as the program is structured around equity-driven financing. Technology driven social businesses are more than welcome to submit a business plan requiring funding. We are excited about businesses that balance profit and impact to deliver value to their customers and the world.
Up to € 200k at Pre-Seed Stage and up to € 400k at Seed Stage. We also reserve a substantial amount of funding for our follow-up investments, up to €2.5 million.
Yes. We will participate in follow-on financing rounds ourselves and help you find additional funding internationally.
The terms Pre-Seed and Seed are widely used to refer to stages of startup development and equivalently of investment. There is hardly an objective definition, though. Each fund or startup organization may define it slightly differently. So here is what it means for us: Pre-Seed investment relates to the first capital that comes in as an investment in a company that is at the early stages of its development. At Metavallon VC we combine this investment of up to € 200K with participation in our proprietary acceleration process, with a number of additional perks and with connections to the market, to service providers and to investors. Seed investment is also initial capital for companies at early development stages, founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs that have already achieved some market traction with their product. At Metavallon VC we support those startups to scale with capital of up to € 400K, with one-to-one support, with a number of additional perks and with connections to the market, to service providers and to investors.
The Pre-Seed stage is the fund’s main focus, with minimum requirements being: a) a functional prototype initially tested in the market of a technology company (meaning owning IP or as a minimum using technology as an enabler) and b) a team of committed founders.Here we look for and invite first-time entrepreneurs with the drive to execute and the zeal for product excellence. Our setup itself is particularly geared towards these founders: we start our investment with our proprietary acceleration process, which includes 10 weeks of market traction boosting followed by 3 weeks mission to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. And this is simply the beginning. Our first call for submissions for this tier was announced on March 1st, 2018.
Follow the Submit Now links on our website and create your submission account on F6S. You may dive in the application asap, saving when necessary and generating a remarkable blueprint of your startup. Don’t miss out on our tips for applying successfully, which we created as a guide of do’s and don'ts. Our early round on April 1 is our suggestion, yet you may submit until our final deadline on April 15.
For us, it is a signal: We expect the best prepared, most confident teams to make our Early Deadline for the call. For you, it is an advantage: We complete the evaluation of Early submitted companies well in advance of our Final Deadline and thus your company will get first take in our Interviews. Also, most teams submit at the very last minute, giving the Early submissions a significant advantage, as we pay more attention in evaluating and there is less competition in getting selected for our Interviews.  
What is the deadline for the Pre-Seed investment call? Our Pre-Seed call for submissions has the following 2 deadlines:
  • Early Deadline - April 1 [11:59 pm EET] (recommended - see below)
  • Final Deadline - April 15 [11:59 pm EET]
If you have developed a functioning prototype and are a talented and committed first time entrepreneur, the Pre-Seed stage is right for you. Our Pre-Seed investments include the acceleration process, which is there to help you reach the market faster, not to help you design business models or MVPs. Applications to our Pre-Seed funding call run bi-yearly are now open for 2018. The 3-month Pre-Seed acceleration process will provide you with resources that we believe are essential to your long-term success. If we select to fund your team we could be working together for the next good 4-7 years, which requires long term commitment. We see this 3-month acceleration window as essential to make an educated decision about whether this commitment makes sense for both us and you.
You do not need to have established a company to submit your proposal, but to receive Pre-Seed and Seed financing you will need to be incorporated as a company.
Our mission is to work with the most talented founders on the most promising B2B tech startups - and these could come from anywhere in the world. We thus do accept company submission from across the globe, with the following preconditions:  
  1. If selected to proceed to the final evaluation stage, they can travel at their own expense to Athens, Greece, and work alongside our team for two weeks at the end of May (this is the most unique opportunity for strategy and skills development, 1:1 coaching, and networking with corporates and investors - yet it does not guarantee investment);
  2. if we proceed with investment following these two weeks, they will be able to establish a company or branch in Greece; and
  3. at least one founder can relocate for the first 3 months to Athens, Greece, for the acceleration process, which is essential for the business and team development.
  At these very early stages, two things are critical:  
  1. That we meet and work in person with the founders prior to making our investment decisions - which we heavily rely on the founding team; and
  2. once we decide to invest, that we work intensively and closely together with the founders during the first few months (hence the acceleration process) to give their companies the best chances for success!"
As a minimum to seek pre-seed funding from us, you need a functioning prototype and a committed team. Not having an office or the actual legal structure of the company when submitting your investment proposal is not an issue, however, to invest in you, you have to develop a legal structure. That said, If you are pre-incorporation stage and want to apply for Pre-Seed funding, we strongly advise you to apply before the early deadline of April 1. That way, in the happy event that you are selected for funding, you will still have time to register your business by mid June in order to actually receive funding and join the 3-month Pre-Seed Acceleration process starting on 18 June.
Yes, of course you are. Only thing to consider is whether the funding you have received is significant (over €100K), in which case we may be inclined to work with startups that appear to need us more.
The Pre-Seed acceleration call is aimed at startup teams that already have a functional product or service, even a prototype or beta, and are seeing some initial traction. The two core reasons for this are that: a) market traction is a primary indication of your proof of concept, which is necessary even for the very early funding stages, and b) only at this stage can teams advance at the pace required to reach the target market- and investment-ready level within just a few months. If you are still developing, you could take this opportunity to push your product to the market and receive your first results by our final deadline on April 15. This may also be a validation for you that you may indeed advance during the 3-month Pre-Seed acceleration process as required, even if you are beginning your sprint a bit behind the starting line.
We strongly believe that there is a lot more to your success than just funding so we’ll sort you with everything from training and mentoring from our global network of advisors, international market access and expansion support, pilot alliances, recruitment, targeted networking on a global scale, €100K+ in Perks from our partners and much more.    
We are here to provide you with everything that is necessary for your success. If office space is critical to your team, we are able to provide solutions on a case-by-case basis through our Innovation Allies. That said, we are not in the real estate business; our time with you is best used towards business development and international market expansion.
You are the entrepreneur, which means you decide. We are here to enable you, suggest paths that could work, and open up opportunities in the paths you choose to take. We are also here to tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. Eventually, you are accountable for your choices, their success and their failure.
At this early stage of company development, financial valuations are very theoretical. If you focus on your product and business development, financial validation will come in the next financing round and eventually your exit.  Overall, our investment terms are founder and growth friendly, at the market standard across our European target audience, and fixed exactly so that we focus on what matters at this stage, market validation, and for fairness across our portfolio companies. So, fair terms and a solid funding amount: this is the epitome of a good deal.
Term Sheets are available to the teams to which we will make an offer of investment and will act as the basis for our formal agreement.
We expect you to be able to present a sound business model and an action plan to us. We only require a pitch deck that presents these and answers to our submission form; no written 100-page business plan. Please don’t hire someone else to do this for you. Know your technology and market. Do your research. Do the math. Come to us.
Give it another try. If you’ve done your best trying, we trust there might be a technical issue so please contact F6S directly to resolve.
Our Pre-Seed call for applications has the following 2 deadlines:
  • early deadline - April 1
  • final deadline - April 15
Though we start our internal evaluation process right after the early stage deadline (April 1), we will only start contacting applicants about the outcome of their application and next steps after the final deadline of April 15. Teams submitting for the early stage deadline will be contacted first. Our evaluation and investment selection will be completed in late May. The teams that we invest in, will enter our 3-month Pre-Seed acceleration process starting June 18 and running up to September 30.
In the Seed stage, we aim to engage and enable experienced technology entrepreneurs, who have a proven track in business management and achievement. Minimum requirements, apart from the founder’s background, is the existence of a successful pilot in the market. As part of our work together with the entrepreneurs, we build on two elements that we recognize as critical for success at this stage: corporate alliances that facilitate market traction and access to an international network of businesses and investors that catalyze expansion.
Our Seed funding form will be available soon. If you believe you qualify (see relevant answer) please contact us via our website and we will get back to you with next steps.
On anything regarding the Pre-Seed call or Seed financing, do not hesitate to contact us. That said, we shall not engage in personally helping anyone with their company submission, under our “fair game play” rule towards all. In fact, we will look into expanding this FAQ section to make things clearer for everyone.