Submit your startup like a founder pro in just 30′

Submit your startup like a founder pro in just 30′

  • Posted by Katerina Kanteraki
  • On November 21, 2018

As we approach the cut-off date of November 25 for Pre-Seed Investment, our team has put down tips to help you organize your material and submit your funding proposal in no more than 30’ good minutes. Say what?

Before setting off, make sure you are indeed suited for Pre-Seed based on the way that we define this.

Bear in mind that you have to complete the submission form in one sit, so make sure you’ve got a window of about an hour to complete the form as we don’t give the option to save and continue another time. Hence, if you’re halfway through and don’t hit submit, the information could be lost.

With the above sorted, and to get through the approximately 30 Questions ahead make sure you prep and have the information below fully baked and at hand when submitting:



[suggested prep time = 15:00 or less / team member]

As you can imagine, we ask for information about the team of founders i.e. the most important asset of your business at this young stage! At Metavallon VC we invest in you, the founders, not just your business. In fact your business may change from day one, pivots happen all the time – it is the team that stays on and needs to adjust, deliver and succeed. To save time when completing the form you can prepare the information below for each founder in advance:
– a summary of work experience and education (max 1000 characters)
– a summary of prior successful entrepreneurial experience if any (max 600 characters)
– the url to the linkedin profile (highly advisable – remeber you need to “sell” the team)

Oh! And please do note that we define founders as individuals who own 10% or more of the company.

Time: Now you’ll only need 00:05 X each founder when submitting.



[suggested prep time = 10:00 or less]

If you’re a startup founder actively looking for an investment partner one would expect that you have at least two of the three items above updated and saved on your Desktop; ready to shoot them at any attractive investor’s attention. As you may have guessed you’ll be asked to provide an Elevator Pitch (in writing), an Investor’s Deck (in pdf) and optionally a Product Video/Demo (in link).

Time: Now you’ll only need 00:02 to copy & upload the above on the submission form.



[suggested prep time = 20:00 or less]

Indeed, that is a Pre-Seed submission, nevertheless, it is highly likely and to your advantage that you have some market traction to demonstrate. Here you can list your key achievements so far – such as: users, customers, growth rates, products, revenues, team, etc. (1000 characters max)

Time: Now you’ll only need 00:01 to copy this info on the dubmission form.



[suggested prep time = 20:00 or less]

A well thought through action plan with goals defined and milestones set, should be what’s guiding your day-to-day prioritisation of tasks already. That’s all we want to see here for a couple of months ahead (1000 characters max).

Time: Now you’ll only need 00:01 to copy this info on the dubmission form.

And approximately another 15 multiple choice or “know it straight away” questions and you’re done! 30 minutes just!! a PRO.


Now, doesn’t that look like child’s play? Successful submission in record time on its way!

Submit your company now here with cut off date November 25th for our second Pre-Seed Investment call. If you are at Seed stage, we welcome your investment proposal all year round through the same link. 

3 – 2 – 1 Set.. GO!


Feeling puzzled and uncertain? Check out our FAQ.


By Katerina Kanteraki, Operations Associate