CreatorUp proceeds with a $5m Series A Funding Round

  • Posted by Metavallon VC Team
  • On September 22, 2021

On the heels of the launch of its innovative video marketplace and its creator networkCreatorUp has just closed on a $5M Series A investment.

New Markets Venture Partners, an investor that scales transformative technology companies that improve educational outcomes, led the round with follow-ons from existing investors Metavallon, LearnStart / LearnCapital and Achieve Partners.

Funds will be used to scale CreatorUp’s platform that helps organizations, large or small, meet their fast-growing needs for creating high-quality video, live-streams, and virtual reality content.

Video can play many roles for an organization – as a means of communicating with constituents, imparting knowledge, digital learning, telling a story, and evoking emotion. It can also be the linchpin of new content-centric business models that drive results for the bottom line.  CreatorUp is uniquely positioned to power this business growth, allowing organizations to roll out new initiatives through video, and giving them access to expertise in virtual channels without having to build an in-house solution. 

CreatorUp achieves this through a groundbreaking video marketplace where clients can browse, select, and instantly purchase video services. Teams of trained/certified professionals are then matched to projects to guarantee  quality videos. By then leveraging CreateTrack™, clients are given a simple and transparent way to track video production.

Offering 400+ video services, including live-action, animation, live-streaming, and 360VR, the CreatorUp Marketplace has solutions for education, marketing, business communications, events, social impact, and more. 

“We’re thrilled to bring on New Markets Venture Partners to help our marketplace level the playing field so that anyone can unlock the power of video content,” said CreatorUp CEO and Co-Founder Mike Tringe.

“New Markets has strong conviction in the creator economy. We love that CreatorUp has built a unique platform to produce high-quality video content globally for any company or organization that wants to level up their use of video, live-streaming, and virtual reality, especially leading education and training organizations,” said Jason Palmer, General Partner of New Markets Venture Partners. “We’re excited to lend our expertise and partner with CreatorUp to remove the barriers of video production, saving customers time, money and hassle while accomplishing this with a system that promotes and fosters high-quality education, training, inclusion, and rewarding work opportunities.  CreatorUp’s platform is helping grow and expand the portfolios of creative professionals worldwide,” added Palmer.

“This round of investment in CreatorUp is validation of the company’s powerful growth potential. Their platform makes video creation effortless for their clients, while providing exciting new opportunities for creative professionals to expand their skills, extend their networks, and engage in new work they love doing,” said Alexandra Choli, Partner at Metavallon VC. “We look forward to continuing to work with the CreatorUp team and to helping them further expand their reach!”

Watch their marketplace video here.