Introducing Industry Partner: Vodafone

  • On March 27, 2018

As one of our four Partners in this first Industry Challenge at Metavallon VC, we are introducing Vodafone: one of the world’s leaders in mobile communications, with a strategic presence in the country’s telecommunications market.

Vodafone Greece is a member of the Vodafone Group Plc and its primary goal is to provide innovative and high-level communication products and services, while the company strives to meet the communication needs of its customers, individual and business. As part of a continuous network development plan, Vodafone commercially launched 4G+, thus reaching all-time-high speeds in the Greek market and showcasing once more its leading position in innovation and mobile communication technology.


Industry Challenge #1: Customer Service Excellence

Vodafone Greece has set optimal customer service as its top priority and strategic choice. This is why it regularly evolves and renews the customer services it is offering, as well as the necessary tools available to its customers, so that they may enjoy a direct and easy service experience whenever they need it.
Since the start of its operations, Vodafone Greece has aimed at substantially meeting today’s challenges, while also remaining fully committed to the principles of sustainability. The company consistently and continuously implements integrated programs, which utilize its technology, products and services to help develop a sustainable society, on a financial, social and environmental level.

What areas are we looking together in this Industry Challenge? It is 5G, IoT/NB-IoT, XaaS/Cloud, Big Data analytics, and GDPR policies that appeal most to Vodafone Greece, their customers – and to us as investors.


Vodafone’s Challenges and Opportunities

Here are some Vodafone’s technology and operations challenges for startups and founders interested in the Telecom operator field for the next 5 years:

1. Improving customer experience and engagement:

  • How can an operator better serve the customer and improve his experience and engagement?
  • Can 5G XaaS/ Cloud applications and service provisioning be developed for operators?

2. Generating growth and harvesting new sources of revenues:

  • How can IoT applications drive revenue growth in verticals such as Maritime, Tourism, Energy and Agriculture?
  • How can a customer be seamlessly (and remotely) onboarded to new services (including equipment dispatching, installation and service functionality training)?
  • How can cross-product selling be improved through the functionality modularity of each service? (i.e. to cover additional needs relevant to a product I am using, I am prompted to add a functionality module which may belong to other “product’)?
  • How can a disruptive technology be used to help sales power play the role of business consultant for a wide breadth of solutions?
  • How can a disruptive technology be used to present the value of a product to a customer (demo)?

3. Improving operational efficiency:

  • Regarding the operator’s own middle and back office operations, how can an operator improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Can remote troubleshooting be introduced through bots, assistants, remote recognition and analytics tools (or any other technology)?
  • How can big data be used to better train customer-facing people and machines?
  • How can own Big Data be monetized n under GDPR policies?


Coming up next

Interested in tackling these Challenges? Are you working with #iot, #bigdata, #5G, #XaaS, #telecoms, #networks, #gdpr?

As part of the Industry Challenge, we are organizing a Twitter Chat this Thursday, March 29, at 4:30pm EET along with our Industry Partners, to discuss and answer your questions.

Until then, you may prepare any questions you have on the challenges and post them on Twitter or Facebook using hashtag #metavallonvcIC – we look forward to connecting with you on Thursday!