The History

How it all began

A Brief History of Metavallon Time

First, there was The social organization was founded in 2011 with the goal to cultivate through capacity building the missing framework and opportunities around technology entrepreneurship in Greece and the region. It was inspired as an offset to the frustration of young educated Greeks amidst the crisis, which initiated what has been a most devastating brain drain.

Back in 2011, imagined a future where zealous Greeks can envision again their life in their country; a future where business founders add value through pioneering products and employment opportunities, and ultimately provide a boost to the economy and the society overall. In a rapidly evolving world with seemingly more problems than solutions, it is vital to cultivate a society of venturers as a viable way out of the dead ends presented before us.

This is what set off to create. For over 6 years the organization worked on the ground to kickstart and advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in its home country, Greece, and across Europe together with FIWARE Accelerate. It engaged top Experts and industry-leading Partners including: Ericsson, Microsoft, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the American Embassy of Athens, ALBA Graduate Business School and Mozilla’s WebFWD. In its journey, it empowered over 320 founders in their entrepreneurial endeavors across 13 countries, including: Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, The Netherlands, and the UK.

The path has been one of advancement, challenge, and evolution. For the first time in 2013, with the launch of a redesigned and re-invented program series, the organization connected with budding entrepreneurs internationally and made its empowering offering available to all those who share this passion for venturing. And in 2014, in line with its commitment to strong partnerships, launched collaborations that enabled both training and investment to frame the first startup acceleration program in the country. In the same year, it joined the EU-led Future Internet Business project, extending its activities to provide acceleration support services and expanding our reach and direct impact across Europe. Overall it run 3 acceleration cycles investing in 7 pre-seed startups through partnering and own investment vehicles.

Together with its incubation and acceleration programs, spearheaded numerous initiatives, awareness campaigns, and research projects throughout the years, and was honored with remarkable partnerships around the globe. It also built internationally competitive know-how and offering, along with a brand recognized for diligence, progress, and vision. It was the first and necessary step in building the grounds for a vibrant ecosystem, one which encourages initiative through opportunities rather than words and which systematically generates tech businesses that can compete internationally.


Metavallon VC: The Innovation Advantage

Through our journey mobilizing the global community and leveraging the power of venturing came the realization as well as the capacity for scale. There were opportunities we missed and consequently founders who missed potential opportunities. There was know-how to impart and the need for know-how in our our market. And there was passion for merging technology and business, for enabling great talent, and for progress on an international level. Metavallon VC was born.

In the early 2017 our team of four came together to combine the concept of acceleration with the rigor and potency of venture capital. A year later, Metavallon VC launches operations announcing its €32 million fund with the mission to invest in and actively advance pre-seed and seed technology companies.

Among our investors is the European Investment Fund, in collaboration with the Equifund fund of funds, an esteemed and proficient limited partner that brings in capital and expertise alike. With renewed partners and team, at Metavallon VC we remain committed to source and invest in the best and brightest teams and businesses, in Greece and of Greeks across the globe.

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