A preview

We are an Early Stage Venture Capital fund providing the first financing a company needs to grow.
We will review your plan with diligence.
We will check your facts. We will test your assumptions.
We will read your code.
We will give you feedback.
We will tell you the things you need to hear, not necessarily the things you wish to hear.
We won’t clog you with investment jargon. We won’t name drop.
We won’t care about a glossy presentations.
We won’t tax your time.
We will push you, not hold you back.
We have the confidence to get out of the way when you no longer need us.
We believe facts are business. We believe perspiration is business.
We believe there is no ecosystem without a system.
We care about content, not PR.
We will give you finance. We will give you hands on support.


Our success is defined by your success.
We are here to see you thrive.